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Take a look around this blog.  We will be spending some “official” time on this blog in class each week and I hope you visit it on your own time to ask questions of, or share your ideas with, me and other students.

 As we read the book Eragon, we will be going on an adventurous journey.  This is a map of the empire of Alagaesia.  Click on the different names on the map to learn more about where we will be visiting with Eragon.  While you are doing this please andswer the following questions:

1) What mountain range is considered to be one of the most dangerous places in all of Alagaesia.

2) IN YOUR OWN WORDS please describe the town of Carvahal.

Also please view the Eragon movie trailers.   Does it remind you of any movies you have seen before?  In what way?  After watching it what do you think the book will be like?                                    

Post your answers/comments in the “comments” space bellow.      



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33 responses to “Getting to know the site

  1. Kenneth

    “the spine” is considered one of the most dangerous mountain in all of Alagaesia. Most people fear that mountain, specially since the king lost nearlly half his army during a campaing against the dragon riders.

  2. Kenneth

    “Carvahall” it’s a small village up north, populated with about 300 people and most of them are farmers. Not many people visit that village, except for them traders that go there.

  3. Kenneth

    I think the book it’s gon be about some dragons, people that ride them dragons and war.

  4. Azra

    the spine” is considered one of the most dangerous mountain in all of Alagaesia. Most people fear that mountain, specially since the king lost nearlly half his army during a campaing against the dragon riders

    Carvahall” it’s a small village up north, and the only people that visit there are traders..

    the movie doesnt remind me of other movies besids star warz

  5. Amela

    “the spine” is considered the most dangerus mountain range in Alagaesia.

  6. Amela

    “Carvahall” it’s a small village up north

  7. emina

    The Spine is the most dangerous mountain range in Alagaesia.

  8. Suzanne

    The Spine is considered the most dangerous place in Alagasia. Most people fear the Spine and the danger in it’s present especially since the king lost nearly half of his army during a campagin aganist the Dragon Riders.

  9. Amela

    No it dosent remind me of any movies i saw

  10. emina

    Carvahall is a small villigae up north!

  11. emina

    no it doesent remind me of any movies!

  12. Gao

    1. The most dangerous moutain is the spine.
    2. Carvahall is a small village. No one really goes to Carvahall because there are only farmers there and it seems like a boring place to me. The only ones that go there are the traders.

  13. The village is veary small like about 300 people.Most of the people are farmers becaus the live far up north.

  14. Suzanne

    The town of Carvahill is a small place based of the Ingualda Falls 300 people live there mainly farmers. Carvahill recieves few visitors because it is so far north except for the traders that visit each fall.

  15. Suzanne

    It reminds me of the movie Harry Potter

  16. marian

    1)The spine because half of the kings army disapeared there in a campaing against the dragon riders.
    2)Carvahal is a small village with falls half a mile high.
    3)Because i’ve never seen a movie about dragons. The book is going to be about war between dragon and human for power.

  17. Jacob

    The Spine is wild, and untamed mountain area.
    Most of the people in kingdon fear this mountain.
    Carvahal is small village with 300 people, up in north. Very few visitors.

  18. monse

    The spine the most dangerest in alagaesia.
    1: Its a small place.
    2: Three hundred people live ther.
    3:They dont get alot of visiters.

  19. Ismar

    The spine is a very dangerous place in Alagaesia.

    The Carvahall is a small town with a few hundred people living there and its a very calm place to live in and mainley farmers live there.Not to much people go and visit this place

    this movie reminds me of any action cool lookin movie
    i think the book is gonna be pretty cool
    but not the same as the movie

  20. abdul

    1. The Spine
    2. Carvahall is a small little village with farmers.

    The movie trailer reminds me of other movies that have to do with dragons and diamonds and other stuff like that. Kind of like Harry Potter

  21. Phuong

    1.The spine
    2.It a little town with about 300 people and not much people visit it. Only trader visit it in the falls

  22. d kim

    1, the spine is the most untamed mountains
    2. carvahal is a country area with lot of farmers that is earthy, and up north that there’s not enough travelers.
    the movie trailer reminds me of some fantasy world like Lord of the Rings. After watching the trailer, I think I’ll read this book as a movie.

  23. monse

    The men is going to become friend of the dragon.

  24. Gabi

    1. The spine is the most dangerous Mountain in Alageisa. Specially since the king lost nearly half his army in it during his campaign against Dragon Riders.
    2. Carvahall is a very small Earth. Only few people lived in there. People who live there are farmers. Also Carvahall town receivers few trader visiter every fall.

  25. Annonymous

    Heeeeyyyy homiees. waddd it do?
    theres a lot of bosnians here.
    im bosnian…


  26. Annonymous

    Mr Frankee is oneee tyyyyyte Tchr.

  27. hiba

    #1 the spine.
    #2 it is a very small town 300 hundred people or so live there
    it is very good farming land no vistorsjust traders.
    #3 the movie is not like any thing i have seen before mostly beacause i am not in to these kind of storys it looks intresting this person has created a world of his own it has to be good.

  28. Gabi

    Eragon is very strong and confortable person in where he is ,but other the don’t know who to live in dangerous place like spine mountains. He has advantage rather than other people to live in any where he could ever live.

  29. Gabi

    There is alot rebel fighters in the world. For example the Taliban in Afganisitan, Hezobollah in Lebanon, Oromo liberation front in Ethiopia. Sudan liberation front in Sudan and thousand rebel are out there , i could not even finish if count until tommorrow.

  30. hiba

    1 Going to the spin and not to be afread is a strength for Eragon.
    2 The town people are afraid of the spine so that is a weakness.
    3 Today the Palestinians are fighting aginst Isreal the gov’t that is in power. They do not agree with them so they are fighting them.

  31. luis

    1. i think it is just a coincidence that that happed. but i do think that he knows somethings going on.
    2. earogon may have to become the Dragom Rider that will diffet the evil person.

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