What is that smell?

The fist line of the story is “Wind howled through the night, carrying a scent that would change the world.”  What does this sentence tell you about the meaning of destiny in the story.

Do you even believe in destiny?  Please explain.



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18 responses to “What is that smell?

  1. marian

    1)That everything is going to change in any minute.
    2)Yes, because I belive that anything can happen any minute.

  2. Suzanne

    1.It tells you that destiny is going to have a huge part in this story.
    2. Yes i believe in destiny because I think that everyone have a purpose or destiny in this world and that all they need to do is find it.

  3. Jacob

    That sentence maybe mean that something is comming and that will change the world.
    I dont believe in destiny because you are the one who make the choices and depend on that choices that you make, diffrent things happen.

  4. Phong && Gao

    We say no because destiny doesn’t exist. This is just our own opinion. There can never be a scent that would change the world right away or to change the world at all.

  5. Azra

    That sentence tells me that he has a scent of something going to happen or is going on he can feel it or has a gut feeling in side of him

    yes and no on beliveing in desteny….you never know whats going to happen….so its a tuff question to answer!

  6. Amela

    1}That destney is going to have a part in the story

    2} yes and no beacuse if you really want something you have to work hard to get what you want

  7. luis

    1. It might mean that from this point on the feuture will be diffind by the action that will acccure next.
    2. i realy dont because any thing you do will chang what you do or become in the feuture.

  8. d kim

    the scent will be a scent of war, which is full of blood smell, and the weapons. I think there will be a big war in the story, which is going to change the world.

  9. monse

    1: The danger its going to come.
    2:No I dont belive in destiny because the destiny it just happens.

  10. Gabi

    The sentence tells me something came at night carry everything and change the the world. Example like hurricane .
    2. yes

  11. Emina

    It carried him to do something that he was ment to do!

    Yes somtimes because it will bring you to your future.

  12. ChEe BaLlEr

    I dOnT kNoW tHe MeAnInG oF iT bUt It cOulD bE sOmEtHiNg BaD, aNd I dOnT bElieVe In DeStInY.—>hOlLa At ChA bOi PeAcE oUt PeEpS

  13. Abdul

    destiny can come from anywhere and it can happen to anybody.

    I do believe in destiny because thats how people meet eachother and get married in the end!

  14. kenneth

    destiny could hit you anytime and anywhere when you less expect it.

    I think destiny only works for who believes in it. Personly I don’t believe in destiny cause nobody controls what’s goin to happen later on future.

  15. Gao

    In my own words, I think that the first sentence tell me about the meaning is that something is also coming their way and it may be a good thing or a bad thing. And I think that destiny can happen anywhere.

  16. hiba

    yes people don’t just live for the living every one has some thing they are meant to do or some one that they love they are meant to be to gether.

  17. Gabi

    Eragon play a big role in this situation because he was speaking to him. Which tell us they have a great relationship with each other. They might able to do something together. They have a good communication with each other. yes it true because the book told us they are speaking to one others.

  18. zahraa

    destiny can happen anytime and to anyone….so something might happin right there.and i kinda do bealive it i mean everything does happin for a resion so something migh happin for a reasion right now.

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