Eragon, The Varden, and you thoughts

Each of us have our own strengths and weaknesses.  I, for example, am a pretty good public speaker (that is a strength) but I find myself avoiding speeches because I  feel like I am very good at organizing my thoughts (weakness).  I am sure you all have an idea what you are most strong and confident about and where you need to improve your skills or build confidence.  Recognizing and improving on this kind of stuff is just part of life and getting better at things we do. 

Sometimes we can understand our own strengths and weaknesses better when we think about how others act in different situations. 

Take a few moments to think about why Eragon is so comfortable exploring the Spine (a strength for him) when everyone else in his village was afraid of the place (a weakness for everyone else)? What does the Spine represent to the other inhabitants of Carvahall? 

While reading yesterday we were introduced to a group of rebels called “The Varden”.  They are fighting against King Galbatorix for freedom.  Can rebel groups like The Varden be found today?  Where?  What are they doing that would make you think they are similar to The Varden?  Take a look at some news sites like The BBC Google News – Al Jazeera



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27 responses to “Eragon, The Varden, and you thoughts

  1. luis

    The spin is no threat to earagon because he like almost live in it. he has to go in their for food. others do not go in their because of the sorys behind it.

  2. d kim

    the spine is a simbol of a magical place that which are pretty dangerous. And that’s why the people are scared of the spine. But Eragon didn’t believe that rumors so he wasn’t scared of the spine.
    Now in Middle East, the Al Queda and other groups, which seems to be a group of terrorists to other nations, is fighting for their freedom.

  3. Azra

    the spine isnt a weakness to eargon becuase he has to go there for food. besids ergon people dont go becuase of the stories they have heard about it

  4. Mr. Franke


    What or who is Al Queda wanting freedom from?

  5. Gao

    I think that Eragon goes to the Spine because he is not afraid of it. Maybe he was trying to improve and see for himself why everyone else is so scared of the Spine. Maybe some other people were killed at the Spine and this is probably why this is a weakness for the other villagers. And no I don’t think that any group like the Vardens would be found today because I don’t think it would happen. And if there was a group like the Vardens then those people would probably fight for whatever they wanted also.

  6. marian

    1) He is comfortable because he doesn’t think that there is something wrong with the Spine. They think is cursed.
    2) Yes, because there are a couple groups like this fighting against the government for something. One of them is the people that are at Iraq. They are fighting for some laws not to go through.

  7. d kim

    they just want to get rid of US, and get freedom for the world.

  8. Amela

    1] eragon is not afraid to exploe the spine because he needs food and he has to get food from the spine

    2] no

  9. Suzanne

    I think Eragon feels comfortable in the Spine cuz in the Spine he can basically hunt and be himself without worrying about people talking about how weird or strange he is.

  10. Mr. Franke


    The Varden are a rebel group. I would like you to think of a group that exists right now. There are plenty of these groups. Just today a few were active and can be seen on the new links I gave you all. Take a nother look.

  11. Emina

    Eragon is not scared of the spine because he proble has a power. A very powerful place and representing something bad.yes there are many groups like that ine of them is the plack panthers.They are fighting for african american rights.

  12. Luis

    one of the groups that are trying to get freedom is the group of Al Quida. they want to get ride of the US because they think we are a bad nation.

  13. Suzanne

    Yes,cuz many people are fighting for equal rights and rights to do wat they want.

  14. Mr. Franke

    What do you mean “no”?
    No about what?

  15. ChEe BaLlEr

    To ErAgOn ThE sPiNe DoNt ScArEd HiM oR hE dOnT KnOw ItS a BaD pLaCe To Be —>HoLlA aT cHa BoI

  16. Mr. Franke


    In the book, it seems like a lot of people need food but still stay far away from the Spine. The important things is:

    What does the spine represent?

  17. AMELA

    i ment to say Yes, because there are a couple groups like this fighting against the government for something
    for # 2

  18. Azra

    Mr. Franke ,
    i Mean yes becyase there are alot of simail groups fighting agaisnt the goverment!!!!!! expeically the wars~!

  19. Azra

    it represents Fear towards people and over comeing there fears.

  20. Gao

    I think tha Spine is a bad place for the villagers if it is killing people. It’s also very dangerous but I think that if the Spine kills the villagers why looking for food in the Spine then the villagers rather starve then go near the Spine. Maybe staying away from the Spine is a much better idea than to go and search for food there. But another thing is that how would the villagers get food?

  21. Abdul

    my strength is being confident and being able to do what i want but my weakness is rushing into things without knowing about the consequences.

  22. ismar

    he s not scaredbecauseheneedsthefoodfor hisfamily from the spine
    and the other peopleare scared because they hearalot of weirdstuff from thatplaceand eragondoesnt belive in that so he doesnt care

  23. ismar

    he s not scaredbecauseheneedsthefoodfor hisfamily from the spine
    and the other peopleare scared because they hearalot of weirdstuff from thatplaceand eragondoesnt belive in that so he doesnt care

    2) no.

  24. phuonger

    1. He might be the person who doesn’t believe that their magic or curse that the spine brings.
    The peoples in Cavahall maybe thought that the spine is curse from all the live that die their

    2. Like in Vietnam th Vietminh was fighting back the france because they are invading our land and we fought and win it back our freedom and right of our country

  25. Suzanne

    I think that the Spine represents danger

  26. Suzanne

    hey everybody its suzanne sorry i aint been in class but im sick but i still be checkin da site thou ima see yall in skool tomorrow maybe

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